Marketing Systems That Bring Fast Wins

Total Reputation Management, driven by SMS Marketing, Database Reactivation, and automated marketing systems that go to work FOR you while you focus on driving revenue!

LeadForge Brings Your Business

Marketing Systems that Drive Measurable & Sustained ROI

  • Five-Star Reviews
  • Increased Referrals
  • Return Customers
  • Local SEO
  • SMS Lead Generation
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • A One-Stop Solution for Total Reputation Management
Our Services

Marketing: We Do The Fast Wins and Leave The Slow Burners For Other Agencies

We wholeheartedly believe in our “Fast Wins” approach to marketing. We build systems that go to work immediately, bringing reviews and customers through your door within the week!

Our system is a holistic approach to reputation management that uses previous customers, lead generation, and text message marketing to drive significant ROI.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is at the heart of the LeadForge business model. Our systems bring you more 5-star reviews, more referrals, more return business, and measurable ROI backed by analytics reporting.

Text Message (SMS) Marketing

LeadForge leverages your existing customer lists, new customers, and referrals and build them into automated text message marketing campaigns. You’re probably familiar with PPC Marketing; we call this PPT marketing. A significantly more affordable and scaleable lead generation system that puts offers directly in people’s pockets.

Missed Call Text Back

Imagine an automated sales assistant that fields all your phone calls and ensures you never let a missed call go unanswered again. That’s what we do. We build you an automated missed call text back system that answers 100% of your missed and dropped calls and immediately goes to work nurturing your leads, booking appointments, sending menus…whatever you need!

Database Reactivation

We build systems that help businesses reconnect with their existing customer base and reignite engagement. Together, we reach out to dormant or inactive customers who’ve shown interest in the past but have not engaged recently. Simply put, we bring people back through the door, we increase referrals, and we increase your five-star reviews in turn.

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